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.Delaware Elder Mediations Services, Inc.

DEMSI was created to help the elderly and the disabled resolve  conflicts for the good of family relations and for their own well-being.  Our goal is not only to avoid the disintegration of families but also to avoid possible abuse, exploitation or unnecessary litigation.  To do this we provide mediators -- neutrals who are trained to help people hear and understand each other and find the common ground that may lead to agreement.  Please read the Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ above) for more information.  

New Decision Facilitation Service Added:  DEMSI has added a new service to aid older and disabled adults.  We can supply a trained, knowledgeable and experienced moderator to sit down with the family to help the family create a plan for the future.  It could be talking through which child will be responsible for health-care decisions and which child might be responsible for financial matters should one or both parents be incapacitated.  How would the children communicate and how would disagreements be handled?  If these matters can be talked through in advance, the children will not be faced with planning in crisis mode should some incapacitating event occur. 

Or maybe, an older adult has been diagonosed with a progessive disease or disorder and a plan needs to be put in place.  If the family gathers to discuss options and who and how the options will be investigated, a plan will be developed that everyone has had input into, including the older adult. 

For more information or to request a family facilitation conference click here

With DEMSI you have:

Mediators and facilitators you can trust:  We will maintain a roster of mediators and facilitators who have passed criminal and abuse registry background checks, had advanced training in elder mediation and who agree to abide by standards for mediators and who have professional liability insurance,

Choice of Location:  Mediations and faciitations may be conducted in the home of the elderly or disabled person, in a nursing home or assisted living facility or in a senior or community center.  Out of state family members may participate by phone.

Reasonable Fees and Assistance if needed:  We want to make sure everyone has a voice and the opportunity to be heard as well as to hear so assistance is available for low income individuals. In fact, thanks to the support of the State of Delaware and the Longwood Foundation described below, for the remainder of 2014, all mediations will be free of charge.  There will be a suggested donation for participants who feel they have benefitted and feel they can afford the donation.  Decision facilitation services are offered at a low fee of $175 for the first two-hour meeting and $125 for each subsequent meeting.

DEMSI is a tax-exempt public charity under sections 501(c)(3) and 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations are tax deductible.  All of the work to create DEMSI, to initiate DEMSI's operations and to create and maintain this webpage have been contributed.  None of the officers or directors is paid for their services as an officer or director. This is entirely a volunteer operated organization so all donations go to support our cause. We hope that you will consider joining us in this effort by making a contribution to support our goal.  We will recognize any legal entity that contributes $150 on our Founding Donors' page with a link to their business website.  We welcome any donations, but all individuals contributing $75 will also be recognized on the founding donors' page.

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